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Latest Antivirus version is : 1.4.20 FINAL

Latest Virus Database version is : 24054 (2009/12/16)


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Special thanks from the god who help me to complete my personal Antivirus project And thank you for your helps. To improve my antivirus and your ratings and votes to help me to make it better. Now you can download H-FORCE Antivirus here. It is now in RC test level and I decide to publish it in first month on 2010.I am agreeing to see your rates to improve and fix some bugs that you detect theme in your PC.Also I UPDATE Virus signature database file monthly or twice of weeks. Thanks a lot.


Since October 2009 I work on new heuristic algorithm to improve antivirus performance. Also Final version came with plug-in include:

         COOLDISK Virus Disinfector (CVD)

         H-Force Registry Editor (HRE)


Latest news

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2009-10-01: Try to fix some bugs in latest version and published new version in October

2009-10-5:Works on new heuristic algorithm and add online file scanner to website

2009-11-5: FINAL New version will be available for download






Download the last version here (Click on the pictures for start download)

Download H-Force (1.4.20)



At the end please visit our forum to send your comments to help me GOTO Forum.


Publish history

H-Force (FINAL) 1.4.20 -- 2009/11/5

H-Force (RC1) 1.3.50 -- 2009/9/12

H-Force BETA 1.3.40 -- 2009/9/1

H-Force BETA 1.3.05 -- 2009/8/21

H-Force BETA 1.2.149 -- 2009/8/2

H-Force BETA 1.2.142 -- 2009/7/31

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